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Things I sent my phone, from my Chrome browser (with a gift idea smudged out)

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A browser signed into Google and an Android phone are supposed to "just work" together, to stay in sync. Search an address on Maps on your browser, see that same address come up on your phone when typing. Open a browser tab on your Nexus tablet about a hot new car, quickly open that same tab in Chrome. Your Google stuff is supposed to just dance together, without any need for calling the steps.

Except sometimes you don't want to search something to have it appear on your phone, or you think of something while shopping that you know you'll forget if you type it inside Google Keep. You want to send something between devices. Sadly, emailing yourself still seems like the most surefire way to get this done. Even though it's almost 2014.

If that sounds familiar, you should really try Pushbullet. It is basically a message depot for your phone and your laptop, and it can trade a lot of helpful things between them. You can do this very intentionally, through the Pushbullet app, or by using the universal "Share" option from almost any app that lets you send things out.

An address, image, and note, as seen in Pushbutton's web handler./p>

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Things like:

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