5 top tips for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Here are some of my favorite ways for getting more out of the phone.


Got a new Samsung Galaxy S5 and want to get more out of it? Then check out five of my favorite tips -- everything from boosting your download speed, to turning on Cinema mode for watching movies, to finding a hidden easter egg, and more.

Use the Download Booster

Are you a big downloader, but unhappy even with WiFi speeds? The S5 has a solution for you --- the Download Booster. It can can combine your WiFi connection with your cellular data connection and make one big download pipe out of the two of them when you download big files. So you'll download things at the speed of WiFi plus the speed of 3G or 4G. To do it, pull down the Notification panel, then tap the Settings icon and tap Download booster. Move the setting from Off to On. It only goes into effect when you download files over 30 MB. And keep in mind that you'll be using your cellular data, so be careful that you don't exceed your carrier's limit.

See the KitKat easter egg

Easter eggs are hidden little animations or messages that appear when you perform a usually hidden sequence of steps -- and the Galaxy S5's got one for you related to its Android version, 4.4.2, called KitKat. To see it, tap Settings from the App screen, scroll down to the System area, tap About device, and then tap the Android version settings a number of times in quick succession. You'll see the easter egg, and no, I'm not going to tell you what it is, because you can now find it yourself.

Use Multi Window for onscreen multitasking

The S5 can go beyond normal multi-tasking --- it can also let you run two apps at the same time on your screen. To do it, tap Settings from the App screen, scroll down to the Sound and Display area, then tap Multi window. Move the slider from Off to On, and that'll do the trick. From now on, a small arrow will appear on the left side of your screen. Swipe it to the right to start using the feature.

Use the Toolbox

The Toolbox is a very nifty little feature that lets you quickly launch your favorite apps. It's a floating button that when tapped displays shortcuts to your apps, and lets you launch any by tapping its icon. To turn it on, tap Settings from the App screen, scroll down to the Sound and Display area, then tap Toolbox. Move the slider from Off to On. By default there are a handful of popular apps on it, including the camera, Web browser, notepad and several others. But it's easy to delete what's already there or add new ones. After you've turned the Toolbox on, tap the Edit key and customize Toolbox however you'd like.

Use the Cinema mode for watching videos and movies

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