5 more great tips for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Here are five more great ways to get more out of the S5


Last week I shared five of my favorite tips for the Samsung Galaxy S5. They've proved to be popular, so I'm back with five more.

Turn off My Magazine

The S5's My Magazine, which delivers news to you on one of your home screens, is not to everyone's liking. There's a simple way to turn it off though -- two, in fact. One turns it off, and the other does more than that, and hides it from you entirely, although you can always make it appear again. To just turn it off, first press down on an empty area of any of your home screens and tap "Home screen settings." Then uncheck the box next to "My Magazine."

To not just turn it off, but hide it, tap settings on the Apps screen, scroll to the Applications section and tap Application Manager, swipe to the All section at the top of the screen, then tap the My Magazine listing and tap Turn off. It will no longer be accessible. If you want it back, head back here and turn it back on.

Turn on Ultra power saving mode

The S5's big screen, powerful processor, and other features like GPS can really suck the battery life out of it. If you're finding that it doesn't last long enough on a single charge, even if you don't use it a lot, there's a way to extend its battery life, with Ultra power saving mode. In this mode, a number of power-eating features are disabled, such as background updates. It also has the screen display in black and white instead of color, and limits how much processor power you can use. You can only run a limited number of apps, and your home screen is replaced by them. To turn it on, pull down in the Notification area and then swipe the top icons to the right until you see the "U power saving" icon. Tap the icon and you'll get a notice describing what features the mode turns off. Tap OK to turn the mode on. Your home screen changes to black and white with just a few icons. To turn it off, tap the Menu button at the upper-right of the screen (it's three horizontal dots) and select "Turn off Ultra power saving mode," then tap OK.

Use the vanished settings button

Were you a fan of the physical settings button, which allowed you to access a variety of settings from inside any app? On the S5, it's gone. You can always tap the three dots at the upper-right of the screen in an app, but if you want an old-school way of getting to your app settings, hold down the multitasking button at the bottom left of the screen. That brings up settings.

Use gloves with the S5

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