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  • Opera to tweak Web browser for Nvidia's Tegra chips

    Posted September 10, 2008 - 10:28 am

    Opera Software will develop a version of its Opera 9.5 Web browser that is optimized for Nvidia's upcoming Tegra processor line, the company said Tuesday.
  • BlackBerry 'flip' phone launches

    Posted September 10, 2008 - 10:10 am

    RIM (Research In Motion) diversified its BlackBerry line Wednesday by introducing a "flip" or clamshell model, a popular form for cell phones.
  • The 10 best Google Android applications

    Posted September 9, 2008 - 4:32 pm

    Late last year, Google announced that it would give $10 million worth in prizes to software development companies to develop innovative and useful applications for their open source mobile Android platform. Roughly nine months later, Google has announced the winners, and the applications it has selected help users do everything from calling their nearest taxi cabs to comparing sale prices at different stores to calculating their carbon footprint.
  • Cell phone battery life: 20 ways to juice it up

    Posted September 9, 2008 - 2:23 pm

    While cell phone capabilities have increased dramatically in recent years, batteries have not kept pace. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to significantly increase the time between charges. Here are the best tricks for extending your cell phone's battery life.
  • WiMax far ahead of LTE at Japan's NEC

    Posted September 8, 2008 - 4:03 pm

    The future of broadband networking at Japan's NEC is clear. The company's WiMax operations far outpace its work in the telecommunications industry's mobile broadband standard, LTE (long term evolution).
  • SMC updates 802.11g wifi hotspot gateway

    Posted September 8, 2008 - 3:58 pm

    SMC Networks has released an updated 802.11g gateway targeted at the small and midsize enterprise market for quick, simple, secure wifi hotspot deployments.
  • $20,000 cell phone bill shocks family

    Posted September 8, 2008 - 3:30 pm

    Who knew Canada was foreign country? The Terry family of Portland was horrified to get a five-digit phone bill from AT&T after their son used a wireless network card with his laptop north of the border.
  • Nokia adds address, calendar sync to Ovi

    Posted September 5, 2008 - 9:42 pm

    Nokia is expanding the capabilities of its online content-sharing site, Ovi, allowing users of Nokia phones to synchronize their contact lists and calendars with an online calendar and address book. The move brings Nokia closer to competing with other similar online services, including those from Apple and Microsoft, but also points to shortcomings the company faces because it is approaching the offerings as a mobile-phone developer as opposed to a software or online services developer.
  • Vodafone to resell Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 laptop

    Posted September 5, 2008 - 9:42 am

    Dell's new mini laptop, the Inspiron Mini 9, will be sold with built-in mobile broadband by Vodafone, the companies announced on Thursday.
  • Was MythBuster's RFID tale only a myth?

    Posted September 4, 2008 - 8:24 pm

    It all started when Adam Savage of MythBusters fame told a convention audience that legal bullies from the credit card industry had cowed Discovery Channel into scotching an episode of the show that was to have taken on RFID.
  • FCC wireless tests aim to end debate

    Posted September 4, 2008 - 5:23 pm

    The FCC may gather enough data through wireless testing this week in Seattle to quiet debates over the potential interference that could result from a proposed spectrum auction.
  • Why China Mobile isn't right for Apple and the iPhone

    Posted September 4, 2008 - 9:06 am

    With no deal, no timetable and ultimately no pressure on either side to come to an agreement, there's a lot of room for speculation about Apple's discussions with China Mobile about bringing the iPhone to the world's largest mobile market. So here's my contribution: Apple is negotiating with the wrong potential partner for the iPhone in China.
  • Sony Ericsson courts Windows Mobile developers

    Posted September 3, 2008 - 1:57 pm

    Sony Ericsson wants Windows Mobile developers to start working on applications for its Xperia X1 and on Wednesday it announced a tailor-made SDK (software development kit) for the upcoming cell phone.
  • Samsung builds Russian WiMax network

    Posted September 3, 2008 - 11:38 am

    Samsung has built a WiMax network in the Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg for local operator Startel, it said Tuesday.
  • When LinkedIn knows where you are

    Posted September 2, 2008 - 4:14 pm

    As we speak, the convergence of social networking and mobility is starting to grow worldwide among teenagers and young adults. ABI Research predicts that mobile social networking will reach 90 million new users over the next four years and rake in $3.3 billion. Soon, like IM and PC-based social networking before it, the phenomenon will spread to business users for business purposes.
  • RIM BlackBerry tip: Hard v. soft resets

    Posted September 2, 2008 - 11:57 am

    You can choose from a few different kinds of BlackBerry resets--soft, double-soft and hard--and it pays to know when each is appropriate.
  • Microsoft looks to build one-stop mobile apps market

    Posted September 1, 2008 - 8:03 pm

    Microsoft is preparing to launch in the next few months a Web site called Skymarket to sell Windows Mobile OS applications, a job advertisement suggests.
  • The iPhone bug: Fixing things is hard

    Posted August 29, 2008 - 11:39 am

    Because sometimes the things you fix aren't just one thing.
  • Google introduces Android apps store

    Posted August 28, 2008 - 5:29 pm

    Google unveiled on Thursday its plans for a store where mobile users can find Android applications, a concept similar to the iPhone's App Store.
  • Apple promises September fix for iPhone security flaw

    Posted August 28, 2008 - 5:19 pm

    A recently discovered security flaw that would allow access to a locked iPhone will be fixed next month, Apple said on Thursday.
  • Sprint's WiMax service to include local features

    Posted August 28, 2008 - 1:23 pm

    Sprint Nextel will put location-based services front and center on its Xohm WiMax service, offering a portal with widgets for local weather, traffic, events, reviews and other information.
  • Six hacks for your mobile gear

    Posted August 28, 2008 - 11:09 am

    In the name of freedom, we've voided our warranties and set some of our favorite mobile gadgets free with these six fairly simple hacks. You can, too, by following along with our step-by-step instructions.
  • New iPhone business apps: designing for usefulness

    Posted August 28, 2008 - 10:31 am

    When Apple launched its new App Store earlier this summer, the assumption was that scads of businesses would develop applications for their iPhone-toting customers. Although there are more than 60 apps in the App Store's Business category, virtually no big-name companies have bothered to cough up one of their own. Since Apple plans to make at least 40 million iPhones in the next year, many of which will no doubt end up being used in the workplace, what's the holdup?
  • LG puts Bluetooth into new LCD, plasma TV sets

    Posted August 27, 2008 - 4:26 pm

    LG Electronics is on the verge of launching a new range of LCD (liquid crystal display) and plasma TV sets in Europe that feature Bluetooth wireless networking, the company said Wednesday at the IFA electronics show in Berlin.
  • Nokia widens market share lead

    Posted August 27, 2008 - 4:14 pm

    Economic trouble in many regions of the world is slowing down cell phone sales, presenting challenges to some phone vendors and opportunity for others, say Gartner researchers.
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