Consumer groups ask FCC to investigate 'anti-competitive' data caps

AT&T in particular '...seeks to turn caps into a profit center'


"While broadband caps are not inherently problematic, they carry the omnipresent temptation to act in anticompetitive and monopolistic ways. Unless they are clearly and transparently justified to address legitimate network capacity concerns, caps can work directly against the promise of broadband access...

... Stanford Bernstein senior analyst Craig Moffett observed “[t]his isn’t about protecting against the data network being swamped with excess usage . . . [t]his is about putting the business model on a stable, long-term economic model.

In light of the Commission’s statutory power to obtain information critical to effectively serving as protector of the public interest and the priority that this Commission has placed on the deployment of affordable, high speed internet access, Public Knowledge and New America Foundation’s Open Technology Initiative urge the Bureau to request no less than quarterly reports about data caps from AT&T...[and] other ISPs imposing data caps on their customers."<

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