Android lovers: Don't overlook Nook

By Howard Wen, Network World |  Networking, Android, Nook

This will increase the price and tie a version of the Nook Color to a particular carrier or carriers, but it's become increasingly necessary for mobile computing devices to have 3G for use at least as a back-up to access the Internet when there is no available WiFi.

2. Faster processor.

The current version of the Nook Color uses an ARM Cortex-A8 running at 800 MHz. It's safe to assume that the next Nook Color will use a faster chip. We're hoping for one that is dual-core, which would make it closer to the specs of the newest Android tablets and more capable of playing larger resolution video and at a higher frame rate.

3. Streaming video and music.

It would be convenient to be able to listen to streaming music or watch streaming movies and TV shows, with access to these integrated into the overall Nook Color UI like the way e-book and app buying/downloading are. This probably depends on whether Barnes & Noble deems it worthwhile and profitable enough for them to license the rights to sell or rent these media through the Nook store.

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