Steve Jobs in 1995: video interviews

The 40-year-old Jobs talks about Apple, Pixar, Silicon Valley impact


It's really good stuff - I should know, I helped digitize the video tapes for Computerworld.

As part of a licensing agreement, we can't share the video clips, but you can head over to the CW site to watch the clips on your own:

Part 1: Introduction, some biographical information

Part 2: His early days of school, reaction to authority

Part 3: Thoughts on computers and education

Part 4: School vouchers; comparing schools to cars

Part 5: Books about Steve Jobs; 'Let's throw darts'

Part 6: Jobs' experience at Apple (the first time)

Part 7: Why artists were attracted to computing

Part 8: The decline of Apple (circa 1995)

Part 9: Apple's early adventures in politics

Part 10: How Macs infiltrated business; the birth of NeXT Computer

Part 11: NeXTSTEP and object-oriented computing

Part 12: Steve Jobs on the impact of the Internet

Part 13: Steve Jobs on Pixar

Part 14: Why life needs death (and startups)

Part 15: Advice for entrepreneurs

Part 16: Final thoughts; Impact of Silicon Vall

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