Siri features we'd like to see

By Lex Friedman, Dan Moren, Macworld |  Networking, Apple, iPhone

Easier Transcription Correction: If Siri gets the text of your reminder wrong after you dictate it, you can simply say, "Change that to 'Buy milk,'" and Siri makes the correction. But if you dictate an email of more than a few sentences, and you see that Siri understood the gist of it, but mangled a few words and phrases, re-reciting the entire message feels tiresome. Sure, you can tap into Siri's transcriptions and make the necessary edits, but ideally, you'd tell Siri just what to fix: "Change 'elephant shoe' to 'I'll have that, too.'"

Automatic Punctuation Transcription: Look, we're not saying every item on our Siri wishlist is a simple matter of Apple pressing a few buttons—sometimes it's a matter of it pressing a lot of buttons. When we dictate our punctuation-filled missives, our voices still change with the punctation. That is, when we say something like, "Are you sure question mark?", our voices go up for "sure" and "question mark" alike. Apple's engineers should work to expand Siri's transcription abilities, so that it can translate such pitch changes to question marks, short pauses to commas, and longer ones to periods—contextually, of course. We fully admit that this entry seems like something out of science fiction, but then so does much of Siri's current functionality. And, hey, we're not asking for the moon: For example, Siri can ignore semicolons, because most people do too.

Add and Edit Contacts: Ask Siri to add a number to a contact, or to create a brand new record in your iPhone's address book, and it'll balk: "Sorry, I'm not allowed to create contacts." Most of the time, Siri can't edit them either—although you can tweak relationship data for your own contact record by saying things like "Gregory House is my physician." Those tasks can be cumbersome, since they often require so much tapping. Whereas simply saying "add as Gregory House's email address" takes just a second or two.

Default Address: Speaking of Contacts, the iPhone and Siri should provide a way to set an email address as a default for a given contact. Right now, when we say, "Make an appointment for 1 p.m. tomorrow with Jason Snell," Siri inevitably asks which of Jason's addresses to use. Invite multiple people to an event, and you'll spend a while confirming each of their addresses, which somewhat lessens Siri's magical nature. We need an option that says "Always use Jason's work email address unless I specify otherwise."

Safari Surfing: Siri can't yet open an exact URL ("Go to"), or launch URLs from saved bookmarks ("Go to Macworld."). Instead, we have to tell Siri to search for Macworld, and then interact with our Web browser. For an intelligent agent that has the whole Internet at its disposal, that seems silly.

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