Super Bowl ads that we know about so far [SPOILERS]

YouTube teasers now seem to be the norm before the big game


Yesterday's video of a Ferris Bueller II movie was just a teaser for a Super Bowl ad (as I suspected), and the folks over at Jalopnik are reporting that the ad is for Honda and its new CR-V.

But with more than a week left before the kickoff of the game, we've already seen a whole bunch of ads on YouTube that are being either released early, or we're seeing "teaser ads" meant to get people to wonder what will be revealed on Sunday Here's what we've seen (WARNING: Don't watch if you like being surprised during the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday):

Volkswagen started things off early last week with its Star Wars-themed and dogs barking The Imperial March song. The clip already has 9 million views, and it's not even the ad they're going to debut at the Super Bowl (maybe next week they'll release it?). They're really hitting it out of the park with their strategy (and George Lucas is making even more money).

Bridgestone has a whole bunch of Super Bowl teaser ads talking about its new Ecopia tires - they started a few weeks ago with its teaser ad, talking about how they're designing new sports balls (footballs, hockey pucks, even a bowling ball) with the same tire technology. This one is their Super Bowl teaser ad, but bear in mind you can see all of the teaser ads through the BridgeStoneSuperBowl YouTube Channel. I'm hoping the actual ad is funnier than these teaser ads are - it looks like they spent a lot of money on celebrity appearances (Dick Vitale and Barry Melrose, really?), but the ads themselves aren't that humorous.

Kia has released this "Drive a Dream" teaser ad, featuring Victoria's Secret Angel model Adriana Lima. The final ad will feature "the new 2012 Optima Limited racing through a Gen X couple's wildest thoughts as they sleep, including Lima waving the checkered flag at a speedway; an in-your-face Motley Crue concert; mixed martial arts legend Chuck Liddell battling in the ring; a heroine and hunk on horseback in a romance novel setting; champion bull rider Judd Leffew taming a bucking rhinoceros; and a fairy tale ending." That's a lot for 60 seconds. Here's the teaser ad, and now I can't get "Mister Sandman" out of my head." Kia says it will be releasing the full video ahead of the game on Feb.

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