OnLive Desktop brings you one step closer to ditching your notebook for the iPad

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Some caveats: This is not a complete OS integration between Windows and the iPad. If you have to do something like check your corporate email on the iPad, you leave the Windows virtual environment. Because you're saving files to the cloud, there's no local storage capability for documents on the iPad. It also appears that you can't install additional apps or even plug-ins to the environment - I tried accessing my Netflix Instant Queue and failed to install the Silverlight plug-in that IE required (another reason I wish OnLive would add Google Chrome or Firefox to the mix).

Bottom line: This app and service won't cause you to stop buying notebooks and replace them with tablets (yet), but for existing iPad users (especially those mobile workers who want to travel lighter), the addition of Office app support and a Flash-supporting browser gets them a step closer to not having to take a notebook along with them. Watch this company to see how it develops in terms of offering environment customization (letting users download more programs or change plug-in settings, for example).

Grade: 4 stars (out of five)

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