Samsung rolls out Ice Cream Sandwich update for Galaxy S II

Asian and European owners or anyone with the international version of the S II will be first in line to receive the update

By Daniel Ionescu, PC World |  Networking, Android, Samsung

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Samsung has finally begun rolling out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to some users of Galaxy S II phones. Asian and European owners are the first in line to receive it, or anyone with the international version of the device. However, in the U.S., where carriers customized their version of the phone, there's no word yet of when users will get some Ice Cream Sandwich on their devices.

The first lucky users to get the update today are in Korea, as well as Poland, Hungary and Sweden. Samsung didn't give specific details on availability dates for the update in other countries. It's likely the software update is now with U.S. and European carriers, which have to test it before it becomes widely available. Usually, this process can take up to several weeks.

Carriers also play a role in whether your specific model of the Galaxy S II gets the Android 4.0 upgrade, Samsung explained: "The availability and scheduling of the software update and specific models upgradable to Android 4.0 will vary by market and wireless carriers' requirements." Google released Android Ice Cream Sandwich in October 2011.

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