Developer interest in Android slowly eroding, survey finds

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In addition to its findings on developer interest in mobile operating systems, the IDC/Appcelerator survey found that HTML5, the programming langue pushed by Apple as an alternative to Adobe Flash for online video, has been making major inroads with app developers.  IDC and Appcelerator report that 78% of app developers surveyed say they "will integrate HTML5 in their apps" this year.  The firms say that this number is "much higher than industry observers had anticipated" even late last year.  The migration to HTML5 may have been accelerated by Adobe's announcementlate last year that it planned to start using HTML5 for mobile going forward, relegating Flash to being a desktop video platform.

"HTML 5 is now universally supported on major mobile devices, in some cases exclusively," Adobe said last year when it made its decision to adopt the standard.  "This makes HTML 5 the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms."

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