5 very cool (but kinda creepy) mobile technologies

Face recognition, voice identification, and augmented reality can enrich the mobile experience -- but they can also be abused in scary ways

By Ted Samson, InfoWorld |  Networking, face recognition, GPS tracking

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5 very cool (but kinda creepy) mobile technologies

The mobile technology business is booming, with cool new applications and services continually emerging so users stay connected, informed, productive, entertained -- or distracted.

But with great mobile technology comes great responsibility (apologies to Spider-Man). Some of the innovations coming down the pike rank high on the creep-o-meter, potentially equipping malicious entities -- both individuals and organizations -- with scary new ways to stalk, scam, and otherwise exploit victims.

There are many cool applications for augmented reality, entertainment, educational, and professional purposes. But the creep factor skyrockets when you consider all the data you're handing over in exchange for that instant information: where you are, who you're with, what you are looking for.

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