5 very cool (but kinda creepy) mobile technologies

Face recognition, voice identification, and augmented reality can enrich the mobile experience -- but they can also be abused in scary ways

By Ted Samson, InfoWorld |  Networking, face recognition, GPS tracking

GPS tracking: We know where you are

Mall owners faced public outcry last year after announcing plans to discreetly track shoppers via their personal mobile devices. The purpose was to glean a precise view of customer foot traffic, which in turn could help retailers improve the layout of their businesses. The property owners postponed the project after being accused of violating customers' privacy.

This technology is cool in that it provides detailed, accurate, yet anonymous data on foot traffic, which could be used for designing better laid-out stores, stadiums, city streets, and so on. Unfortunately, it turns creepy fast when you consider that a company could track you anonymously based on your device, collecting identifying information that could be sold or stolen.

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