5 very cool (but kinda creepy) mobile technologies

Face recognition, voice identification, and augmented reality can enrich the mobile experience -- but they can also be abused in scary ways

By Ted Samson, InfoWorld |  Networking, face recognition, GPS tracking

Augmented reality: We see what you see

The idea behind augmented reality is that you point a camera-enabled device at something and instantly get information about it. With Autonomy Aurasma, for example, you could point a device at a still photo from a sporting event. The device could identify the scene and start playing a video clip. Google, meanwhile, will reportedly release Google Glasses through which you could, for example, look down a city street and see digital details overlaid on the screen (such as street names, areas of interest, and directions).

Augmented reality has cool applications for entertainment, education, and business. But with it you're pretty much letting a third party "see" in real time where you are, what you're doing, who you're with, and so on.

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