Hospital system pursues identity-management Holy Grail

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"Identropy took charge of putting technical specs to the architecture, and interfacing with the relevant vendors," says Sheidlower. One advantage of the system is that when there are employee changes, it's simple to provision or de-provision access to both Health Quest computer systems and the identity badges for room access all at the same time. That's because it's all tied into the H.R. system, where the decision about employee status is electronically recorded.

The next identity-management project at Health Quest is further refining the access to the back-office business and billing systems for employees, including supervisors and billing specialists working there. There's a general access control in place but the idea is to enhance that with more fine-grained application-level access controls.

Sheidlower emphasized that these identity management projects not only greatly simplify IT operations because provisioning is automatically linked into the Health Quest human-resources applications, but because they also support security auditing, regulations and rules, such as the federal HIPAA guidelines.

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