BYOD security concerns: Does IT protest too much?

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A friend of mine who managed the Rackspace cloud mentioned to me over beers that guys like me will become obsolete in three years. Everything is going to be in the cloud.

Yeah, we're going to be getting out of the business of doing day-to-day desktop support. But our business is going to turn into the business of providing people with interfaces that they can plug their devices into. We'll be facilitating interfaces.

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In a traditional model, there's a desktop with a bunch of applications installed on it-all of which are configured by IT. It's a very tightly controlled environment.

Now we're moving to a consumerized environment where the user owns the interface. At this point, IT is providing data feeds and interfaces. The vast majority of applications my team has deployed over the last few years wasn't Exchange or SQL Servers, but Web applications.

IT's role is shifting away from supporting desktop applications to serving up interfaces, whether they be Web-based, Java apps, Flash apps, or things you get in an app store.

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