iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending July 6

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As American celebrated Independence Day, without aliens, the iOSphere celebrated the return of rumors promising quad-core bliss in iPhone 5.

This week: the wow of core confusion, palpitations over an earlier announcement date, an explosively self-combustive and bad omen, and epistemological angst in the iOSphere.

You read it here second.


"Know Your Mobile, however, still can't see Apple bringing the release date forward two whole months. ... Put simply this is no more than wishful thinking, in our eyes ..."     -- Richard Goodwin, KnowYourMobile.com, generously describing the speculation that Apple will release iPhone 5 in August as "thinking"


iPhone 5 will have a quad-core processor after all

A DigiTimes post reignited faith that iPhone 5 will have a quad-core processor, usually referred to as the A6, even though there's no indication that doubling the number of cores would actually deliver significant improvements to the user experience.

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The DigiTimes post, widely referred to as both a "story" and a "report," consists of five sentences, derived from otherwise-anonymous "industry sources." The two writers, David Shen and Steve Shen, don't even bother to say which industry: smartphone, semiconductor, supply chain, janitorial services or hospitality.

Sentence one: "Competition for quad-core smartphones will heat up in the fourth quarter of 2012, triggering by the roll-out of much speculated new iPhone and models built based on Qualcomm's quad-core chips, according to industry sources."

Sentence five, which pretty much repeats sentence one: "Additionally, Apple is also expected to release its next-generation iPhone built on Samsung's Exynos 4 quad-core processor in the second half, heating up competition in the segment, commented the sources."

Strictly speaking this last sentence means that DigiTimes sources are saying nothing more than that the Next iPhone "is expected" (by whom?) to have a CPU that's based on the newest Samsung-designed quad-core chip.

"Wow," writes Michael Nace, at iPhone 5 News Blog, apparently without irony.

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