BoxTone exploits Active Directory to automate mobile management

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The combination of in-depth device-related analytics and Active Directory integration is coupled with a battery of helpdesk processes. When a user calls the helpdesk with a problem, the technician can type in the employee's name, and see displayed role-based information as well as automatic diagnostics of his device, network connections and apps. Problems are flagged, and BoxTone 7 recommends a series of steps to fix them, based on the software's built-in rules engine and extensive knowledge base of mobility problems.

For the first time, BoxTone is aware of mobile apps, and whether they are personal or corporate. The "security" tab lets an administrator create "app sets," or groups of apps associated with specific Active Directory roles and groups. All employees may get a basic standard set of apps, but a salesman, for example, will get a specific set of additional apps, his manager yet another.

To do all this, BoxTone analyzed and codified hundreds of IT processes, designed rules to automate them, and created an extensive knowledge base of articles to support them. It worked closely with enterprise customers to redesign BoxTone's UI, tailoring it to fully exploit a tablet's touch interface capabilities, according to BoxTone's Reed.

BoxTone 7.0 will be available this month. Conventional "perpetual" software licenses start at $30 per device for the base BoxTone platform. Each of the three main workflows -- lifecycle, support and apps -- is an additional $30 per device. Volume discounts are available. A subscription-based option is $2.50 per month per device.

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