Hospital networks take key role in health care as IT makes further clincial advances

Hospital CIOs stress the need for constant wireless connectivity, but wired networks also have a role in health IT

By , IDG News Service |  Networking

"It isn't just do you have enough network capacity," Kowitt said. "Is the network segregated to properly support the requirements [of the staff]? When moving images you may want a certain speed, but when you're dealing with normal transactions you may want to move it at a different speed."

With tech holding a secure and growing role in health care, providers lack the option of avoiding IT and its infrastructure demands. Those who do try to dodge tech may need to change professions.

"In this age using a computer to care for a patient is no different than using a scalpel in the operating room," said Morris. "If you're not ready on the go live date we're really going to miss you because you're not going to find a place in town that's going to let you use a pencil and paper anymore to take care of our patient."

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