Microsoft delivers missing Lync for telemed project

By Christine Burns, Network World |  Unified Communications, health care, Microsoft Lync

As Microsoft works to convince corporate IT that the underlying VoIP technology in its Lync Unified Communications platform has the chops to support the slew of applications the Redmond giant has built on top of it, there's no shortage of smaller-scale customers deploying it for interesting uses.

Take telemedicine in North Texas, for example.

The cloud services explosion

US Medical IT is an IT project management firm that helps medical practices implement technology such as electronic medical records and telemedicine services. Managing Partner of US Medical IT Stephen Cracknell recommended Windows 365 and its accompanying UCaaS underpinnings to the doctors of Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine (DNS).

The doctors were looking for a better way to share high-fidelity images (which Windows 365 supports) with other specialists, as well as with patients' primary care doctors, and were interested in using telemedicine to give follow-up care to patients in rural areas who are recovering from surgery.


The cloud services explosion

Hendrickson keeps on truckin' with UcaaS

Microsoft delivers missing Lync for telemed project

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