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Social Media and Jobs

More than one-fifth of all jobs in the U.S. are posted to all three leading social networking sites, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, according to the 2012 Bullhorn Reach Rankings Report from Bullhorn Inc., which offers a SaaS recruitment tool. LinkedIn is the most popular site for posting jobs, with 77% of openings getting listed on it. Technology jobs are the seventh largest category on those sites, and the Northeast is the region most active in using social networks for job searches. The Midwest is the least active.

Site/Percentage of U.S. Jobs Posted There

LinkedIn: 77%

Twitter: 54%

Facebook: 25%

Most Active States for Posting Jobs on Social Networks:

1. Maine

2. New Hampshire

3. Mississippi

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me an IT Job

Path.To (that's the company's Web address, by the way) is marketing itself as "eHarmony for IT jobs." Explaining what that means, the company says that its Path.To Score ranking system "analyzes the unique characteristics of each applicant, business and position to determine compatibility." The service has been rolled out to the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Chicago and Boston.

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