10 Gmail tools to supercharge your inbox

From dynamic contact tracking to analytics in your inbox, these add-ons and services provide enhanced capabilities for both casual and power Gmail users.

By Logan Kugler, Computerworld |  Networking, gmail, slideshow


How many appointments or tasks have you forgotten this week? What about emails you set aside to deal with later? Enter NudgeMail, a free-during-beta service that lets you mail reminders to appear in your inbox at a specific time in the future.

Simply write or forward an email to nudge@nudgemail.com and include the desired time or date in the subject line (anything from "3 hours" to "Sunday" to "September 12") -- or specify a command in the email address itself (e.g., sunday@nudgemail.com or sept12@nudgemail.com). Not quite ready for a NudgeMail when it arrives? Send a "snooze" email with your desired delay time in the subject line. The reminder will reappear after your designated interval.

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