Juniper plotting open source alternative to Cisco, VMware SDN controllers

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Juniper is working with other industry players on an open source-based controller for software-defined networks (SDN) that would be an alternative to proprietary offerings from VMware and Cisco.

Juniper hopes to have an open source SDN controller emerge as a de facto standard that's broadly supported by the industry, much like Linux, Apache and Hadoop have become in open source operating system, Web server and big data analytics, said Bob Muglia (pictured), executive vice president of Juniper's Software Solutions Division. He does not consider current open source SDN controllers, like Floodlight, Nox, Trema and others, to have attained that status yet.

"We think the likely thing and the best thing for the industry is to have an open source controller emerge that becomes a third standard controller," Muglia said in an interview with Network World this week. "One that is available broadly across companies and supports the broad set of capabilities that are needed. That has yet to emerge. And we are looking closely and working with a number of players in the industry to determine how it is likely to emerge."

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A couple of the other participants Muglia mentioned are IBM and Microsoft. Muglia was a longtime Microsoft executive before moving to Juniper a year ago.

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