IT budgets up, but salary cuts still a concern: study

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* BI still commands mindshare. Compared to last year's survey, there's very little change in IT project popularity. Business intelligence, cloud computing, and ERP are ranked first, second, and third, respectively, in SIM's list of the top five applications and technologies. The top three are unchanged from SIM's 2011 survey. In fifth place, as it was last year, is CRM. The only newcomer to the top five is collaborative and workflow tools, which climbed from eighth place to fourth in the 2012 rankings.

* IT's moneymaking potential gains attention. Likewise, most of the management priorities for IT pros have a familiar ring to them: increasing business productivity, aligning IT and the business, improving business agility, and reducing IT costs. But one stands out. Revenue-generating IT innovations ranked fourth in the top 10 IT management concerns (it was ninth last year).

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