Career Watch: Thinking outside the box during a job interview

By Jamie Eckle, Computerworld |  IT Management, interviewing

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The Outside-the-Box Job Interview

Here are some tips for your next IT job interview, from John B. Molidor and Barbara Parus, authors of Crazy Good Interviewing: How Acting a Little Crazy Can Get You the Job.

1. Show your analytical side. Create a presentation on your iPad illustrating how you saved a previous employer money and/or time by recommending a software product or a new system.

2. Flaunt your "app-titude." If you created an app for a former employer, show it off.

3. Make a mock-up. Present an idea for an app that would benefit your prospective employer's organization.

4. Critique the employer's website. Make some positive observations, and then add a couple of suggestions for improvement that would ease navigation or drive sales.

5. Be enthusiastic and talk as if you already have the job. For example, if the interviewer mentions a new implementation, say, "When can we get started?" One successful job candidate insists this strategy has resulted in several job offers.

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