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Need to know about Server Manager in Windows Server 2012, fast? For the basics, you can go to CBT Nuggets' YouTube channel. CBT Nuggets, which specializes in online certification training, is using the channel to present videos, featuring experienced training professionals, that explain IT concepts and features in five minutes or less. So far, the channel has about 50 such videos, which it calls MicroNuggets, on topics ranging from the elementary ("What Is a Web Browser?") to much more esoteric fare ("RMAN Basic Configuration in Oracle 11g"). The company says the topics featured in the MicroNuggets are useful in job interviews and meetings with management and were chosen based on search data and user demand.

Security, by the Numbers

A Big Number: 49%

That's the percentage of companies that say they plan to hire security specialists over the next 12 months.

An Even Bigger Number: 84%

That's the percentage of companies that say they have gotten a positive return on investment from certifying security staffers.

Source: CompTIA's 10th Annual Information Security Trends survey of 876 U.S. business and IT executives, October 2012

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