What can L2TP do for your network?

By Tom Parkin, Network World |  Networking

Although L2TP has a history of being a rather obscure protocol, L2TPv3 provides immense flexibility for all kinds of uses. In any situation where you need the flat topology and "plug and play" configuration of a Layer 2 network, L2TP is a mature technology that can work well. As with any established and open protocol, L2TP is widely supported on a variety of target platforms, including mobile devices. Even better, with multiple projects supporting L2TP on Linux or BSD platforms, there is no need to make expensive hardware investments to support an L2TP deployment on your network.

Katalix Systems is a software consultancy based in the U.K., with expertise in Linux, networking and embedded systems. Katalix develops both off-the-shelf and bespoke software solutions, and maintains the L2TP subsystem of the Linux kernel. ProL2TP, their enterprise-class L2TP software suite, provides comprehensive L2TPv3 support on generic Linux systems.

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