Thornton May: IT and the Internet of Things

By Thornton A. May, Computerworld |  Networking, internet of things

But that was easy. Here's a less obvious prophecy: Refreshingly, this highly significant and high-impact change in the technology industry will first come to fruition not in the much-talked-about precincts of consumerization but in the frequently overlooked and mistakenly left-for-dead manufacturing sector. One scenario posits a disruption of the entire industrial economy. It is very plausible that in the future, every high-value piece of equipment will be manufactured with embedded sensors, so that the critical piece-parts will be able to call for prophylactic maintenance when they sense that they are about to fail.

What does the Internet of Things mean for IT? What really happens when things start to talk? What do you need to do to prepare? One CIO I interviewed lamented, "I can't get finance to talk to marketing or to product development, and now you want me to orchestrate a billion machines gabbing to one another?"

Yes, that's the idea. This will be interesting.

Thornton A. May is author of The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics and executive director of the IT Leadership Academy at Florida State College in Jacksonville. You can contact him at or follow him on Twitter ( @deanitla).

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