Cell system used in Antarctica may help to cover the Plains

Range Networks is now aiming its open-source OpenBTS network technology at small rural carriers in North America

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Small rural carriers going up against the major U.S. carriers may turn to OpenBTS as a single platform for upgrading their networks to 3G or LTE, analyst Peter Jarich of Current Analysis said.

"That's, to some extent, a good thing for small guys, because they may be more willing to take risks," Jarich said. But it will be hard for Range to sell them on open-source software that's been proved out in Antarctica or Mexico, he said. "Trying to convince new folks to move into this space is going to be a tough sell."

Using standard hardware and fewer boxes can save money, but rural carriers also face higher costs for other components, such as linking remote base stations, Phil Marshall of Tolaga Research said.

"The big thing with rural is the backhaul and other issues," Marshall said. "It helps, but it's not a silver bullet."

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