Silver Peak announces virtual appliance for offsite replication

By Jon Gold, Network World |  Disaster Recovery, Silver Peak

Silver Peak Systems announced a new virtual application designed to dramatically speed up data duplication for disaster recovery without the purchase of additional hardware.

The company's VRX-2, VRX-4 and VRX-8 products are part of its Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture, a software suite that features a number of virtualized WAN optimization offerings. The VRX line is compatible with most major hypervisors, including KVM, Hyper-V, vSphere and XenServer and functions with asynchronous IP-based replication products made by NetApp, HDS, Dell and EMC.

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All users have to do after purchasing a license, according to Silver Peak, is install the software on both endpoints of a replication job, briefly configure it, and let it run.

Licensing is purchased via a flat annual fee, which ranges from $2,764 for the 60GB/hr VRX-2 to $38,731 for the 1.5TB/hr VRX-8.

The VRX line represents Silver Peak applying its WAN acceleration "secret sauce" to a specific task, according to Forrester analyst Rachel Dines.

"This is part of their overall WAN optimization strategy - just optimized for specific replication technologies," she says.

Dines says that VRX could appeal to any company with this type of fairly large-scale replication requirements, though she identified the financial services, retail and insurance industries as strong potential customers.

"[Silver Peak is] really focused on large enterprise and large data deployment," she says. "Most companies are replicating data for disaster recovery, and most of them are using array-based replication to do that, so there's actually a pretty large addressable market of companies that might need a solution like this."

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