Career Watch: A little less stress for IT workers?

By Jamie Eckle, Computerworld |  Networking

Less Stress for IT?

A new survey shows that, while stress remains high for IT administrators in the U.S., it's generally down from a year earlier. The independent blind survey of 207 IT administrators in U.S. organizations with more than 10 employees was conducted in March on behalf of GFI Software. Here's a look at some of the findings:

I am considering leaving my job because of workplace stress.

• 2013: 57%• 2012: 67%

My job is stressful.

• 2013: 65%• 2012: 69%

I feel the same level of stress or more stress than others in my social circle.

• 2013: 62%• 2012: 72%

I have suffered stress-related health issues such as high blood pressure because of work.

• 2013: 21%• 2012: 20%

I have lost sleep because of work.

• 2013: 34%• 2012: 42%

OT Extremes

That survey conducted in March on behalf of GFI Software also examined the amount of overtime IT administrators put in.

The top three U.S. cities in which respondents work more than eight hours of overtime per week

• Philadelphia: 47%• Boston: 43%• Dallas: 40%

The three U.S. cities in which the greatest percentages of respondents do not experience any overtime

• Austin: 66%• Charlotte: 60%• Houston: 50%

Ask a Premier 100 IT Leader: Cynthia Nustad

The CIO at HMS answers questions on the job prospects for a mainframe programmer and more.

What are the prospects these days for an unemployed mainframe programmer/analyst with 30 years of experience? We just had a very lengthy discussion on this topic at my company. We still successfully leverage the mainframe for some of our products and get great performance and scale from such equipment. One thing we considered in our discussion was whether there would be enough talent 10 to 15 years from now to work on those tools. Our vendor was able to put our minds at ease by telling us about universities that are growing their educational offerings to teach students these technologies. In short, I think the prospects continue to be good for experienced mainframe talent.

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