Oracle introduces Mobile Security Suite for Android and iOS

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After acquiring mobile application management company Bitzer Mobile late last year, Oracle today announced that it has taken Bitzer's basic "container" technology for Apple ioS and Google Android and linked it to identity management.

In introducing Oracle Mobile Security Suite, Amit Jasuja, senior vice president of Java and identity management at Oracle, said the underlying Bitzer technology was extended so that the enterprise can establish authentication and use policies for iOS and Android devices via Oracle's identity-management gateway. This eliminates the need to set up a separate management component solely for mobile devices, and ties identity and access management into mobile, Jasuja says.

Mobility "should be a feature of identity management," he says.  

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Oracle Mobile Security Suite presents the means to set up a "secure workspace" for Android and iOS so that the enterprise can separate out corporate and personal apps, making it suitable for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The enterprise can enforce policies while allowing the user privacy in the personal space.

In terms of security controls, the enterprise can enforce single sign-on, per application tunneling, encryption for stored data and integration with Microsoft Active Directory for shared-drive access. The product comes with a corporate application catalog and "wrapping" tool to include apps into this secure workspace. No software-development kit is needed for this, says Jasuja. He points out that the Bitzer brand name has been retired.

In terms of mobile security controls, the Oracle Mobile Security Suite software can limit access or restrict functionality based on location, application-policy control, and limiting copy/paste/print as a data-loss prevention feature. It also supports remote wipe for when an employee exits the job.

For those that want to pull out the stops on the identity management side, the mobile software can be made to function with the fraud detection, governance and compliance controls found in Oracle Identity & Access Management. Pricing for the software, available this month, was not available.

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