Quitting time: How to make a graceful exit

One in four U.S. tech workers is in job-hunting mode, according to IT employment research.

By Sandra Gittlen, Network World |  IT Management, career advice, insider

walking out the door

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Knowing when to move on from your job can be difficult. But for Melissa McDonald, an IT risk manager at a financial institution in the Northeast, the message was crystal clear.

"I had been at the company for 10 years and thought I'd stay there 10 more," says McDonald, about her position as network manager at another financial institution. "But when new management came in, a change in direction happened. My management style didn't seem to be a good fit there anymore."

McDonald knew she wanted to leave six months before she landed another job. She began to make strategic moves, including letting her network of friends and industry contacts know she was on the hunt and putting together her resume.

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