HP bucks up unified access line to better battle Cisco, others

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HP this week at the annual Interop Las Vegas conference is rolling out extensions to its unified access wired/wireless product portfolio designed to deliver consistent operation and management across the mixed infrastructure.

The new offerings include a cloud-based managed service, software-defined networking applications and appliances, and wireless access points.  They are intended to improve the performance and manageability of the wired/wireless enterprise campus network.

The unified access portfolio will compete with those from Cisco, Brocade and Alcatel-Lucent.

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The cloud managed wireless network service is targeted at small and mid-sized businesses that do not have the onsite IT staff or resources to manage their infrastructure. HP's Cloud Managed Network  is based on a pay-per-use utility model and will directly compete with Cisco's Meraki cloud-based WLAN offering.

HP also unveiled unified access controllers designed to deliver consistent policy management across wired and wireless networks. The HP 870 Unified Wired-WLAN Appliance supports  up to 30,000 devices, while the HP 850 Unified Wired-WLAN Appliance supports up to 10,000 devices.

A new SDN application is HP's Location Aware, which the company says locates any wireless-enabled device indoors within two meters. HP Location Aware will be integrated with the company's Virtual Application Networks SDN controller, and was developed by HP Labs.  

Location Aware can be used in retail and healthcare institutions, HP says. HP developed a proof of concept called SmartShopper that uses the application to deliver real-time, location-based offers to retail customers' smartphones. Retailers can increase sales, HP says, by personalizing through targeted product promotion.

HP also rolled out two 802.11ac wireless access points, the HP 560 and 517. The 560 supports participation in an OpenFlow-controlled SDN and its applications.

HP is also partnering with Citrix and MobileIron to offer mobile device management integration with HP's Intelligent Management Center.

HP's Cloud Managed Network Solution will be available in June. The HP 870 Unified Wired-WLAN Appliance is available now for $35,999; the HP 850 Unified Wired-WLAN Appliance will be available in June.

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