eBay Reaches Deal With Skype Founders

By David Coursey, PC World |  Networking

In the end, the money eBay is getting, reportedly $2 billion, removes some of the sting from the Skype purchase. The 30 percent ownership stake that eBay is retaining gives it considerable upside potential if the new owners are successful. (eBay's share was lowered from 35 percent in the final agreement).

There is an important business lesson here: A contract that seems to make sense when everyone is happy and the sun is shining can become a nightmare when clouds gather and relationships sour. Good contracts always consider the great possibility that a deal will go wrong and help solve that problem in advance.

Allowing Skype's founders to keep Joltid was a huge mistake that severely limited eBay's options, probably lowered the eventual selling price, and took fancy maneuvers to fix.

Glad this is out of the way.

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