AT&T wins $5M cybersecurity deal with FTC

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AT&T Government Solutions announced Thursday that it has received an eight-year, $5 million contract to provide managed security services, intrusion notification and Web hosting services to the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC award is the first that AT&T has made that involves Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Services (MTIPS), which are mandated under the federal Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) Initiative. (See "U.S. Internet security plan revamped".)

MTIPS services include antivirus, managed firewall, intrusion detection/protection, incident response and reporting of cyberattacks to the U.S. Computer Emergency Response Team.

The FTC awarded this data networking contract to AT&T through Networx, which is the federal government's umbrella telecom services program.

"This is the first award we have announced that includes the MTIPS service, but we do have others," says Jeff Mohan, Networx program director for AT&T Government Solutions.

AT&T is waiting for certification and accreditation of its MTIPS service by the General Services Administration, which should occur in March. After that, AT&T will start operating as the FTC's TIC-compliant gateway to the public Internet.

"MTIPS must be certified at a high level, and there's an excruciating level of detail in what's associated with this system," Mohan says. "We're hoping the GSA will be done this quarter."

The FTC previously chose AT&T to deploy a WAN using  MPLS technology.  

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