How identity governance solves the compliance challenges left by provisioning technology

By Darran Rolls, Network World |  Networking, Identity Management

This foundation enables managers and end users to conveniently request new access or make changes to existing privileges within the constraints of the pre-defined model that enforces preventive controls, while at the same time providing an efficient and more business-friendly way to promote self-service and delegated administration for the access request process.7. Risk modeling – Identity governance solutions also enable organizations to monitor and manage the relative risk inherent in providing users access to systems and data. By applying analytics to cross-enterprise identity data, identity governance tools can pinpoint high-risk areas, such as orphan accounts, SoD policy violations, shared or service accounts and excess access privileges. This enables an organization to focus its compliance and remediation efforts strategically, rather than taking a "boil the ocean" approach inherent in non-risk based approaches.8. Dashboards – Identity governance solutions use business-friendly dashboards to help business and executive users interpret and monitor key identity management metrics across the enterprise. Through personalized data views for business, IT and audit users, dashboards highlight trends, patterns and relationships and draw focus to areas that need immediate attention.

The emergence of identity governance technologies to address 21st century security and compliance issues underscores the truth in the adage "necessity is the mother of invention." Ever stricter compliance regulations and heightened security risks require today's organizations to strengthen internal controls and provide evidence of the effectiveness of those controls across all high-risk systems and applications.

New tools and new approaches make it possible to meet these evolving requirements with greater efficiency and effectiveness, reducing the burden on business and IT users alike.

Rolls is the CTO of SailPoint Technologies, an Austin-based developer of identity governance solutions.

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