40/100G Ethernet needed, but too pricey

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Nonetheless, the company received two inquiries in the past week for the 40G Ethernet card, Lee says.

As for 100G, Mellanox expects to introduce a 100Gbps Infiniband adapter in early 2011. A 100G Ethernet module will follow shortly thereafter, Lee says.

Another data center switch maker, BLADE Network Technologies, expects to trial switches with 40G Ethernet ports in the second half of 2010, says Dan Tuchler, BLADE vice president of strategy and product management.

He sees 40G Ethernet as a practical solution for the next three or four years. A single 40G Ethernet interface will reduce a lot of the cable spaghetti cooked up by users aggregating four 10G links into a logical 40G pipe.

BLADE switches with 100G Ethernet interfaces are still at least a year away, Tuchler says. Even then, he doesn't see 100G Ethernet in data centers until 2013 or 2014.

"There's demand for it," Tuchler says. "But when do you make it cost-effective?"

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