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  • Grid Computing is creeping into European corporations

    Posted May 6, 2003 - 9:50 pm

    This trend overview from The Yankee Group identifies grid computing as a 'must-watch' technology and offers specific recommendations for vendors and enterprises considering grid computing.
  • N1: A perspective on Sun

    Posted May 6, 2003 - 9:34 pm

    Sun's strategy for N1 is a play in 3 parts. Act 1, virtualization, provides transparency to grid computing and simplifies network administration, not a bad start. Watch as the drama unfolds, with the final act due to release by 2005.
  • Distributed computing grid networks: Putting idle computing power to work

    Posted May 6, 2003 - 8:53 pm

    Who doesn't like the idea of making the most of underutilized computing resources? Grids, more specifically minigrids, are helping more companies than you might think do just that.
  • Possibilities for grid computing in the corporate world

    Posted May 6, 2003 - 8:38 pm

    Grid computing, most often associated with compute-intensive research projects, is starting to look like something the corporate world could take advantage of as well.
  • New WLAN switches have intelligence built in

    Posted May 6, 2003 - 7:59 pm

    Four companies - three of them newcomers to the space - released WLAN switches into the market in April 2003. What distinguishes these products form their predecessors is the amount of business intelligence that is going into the switches rather into access points.
  • New devices fill WLAN management gap

    Posted May 6, 2003 - 6:41 pm

    Wireless management gear, including wireless switches, were one of the big stories at the recent Network+Interop show. Find out more about the new products and market forces that spawned them.
  • Wireless switch wars at Network+Interop

    Posted May 6, 2003 - 6:30 pm

    A lot of companies chose the recent Network+Interop conference as a venue to debut their new WLAN switches. But will Cisco, the switching market's 800-pound gorilla, bury the little guys by incorporating their functionality into its standard ethernet switches? Read on to find out what the experts think.
  • Wireless switching: A good idea in search of a standard

    Posted May 6, 2003 - 6:08 pm

    WLAN switching has the capability to really ease Wi-Fi administration woes. But the absence of any standards in this arena might condemn early adopters to a long period of vendor lock-in. Read on to find out the dangers.
  • Proxim announces switched WLAN architecture

    Posted May 6, 2003 - 5:25 pm

    Proxim has announced its entry into the switched wireless LAN arena with a new product offering. Will it help ease the administration of inchoate Wi-Fi networks?
  • Is utility computing a viable business option?

    Posted May 6, 2003 - 4:30 pm

    Squared off in this debate are IBM's Dev Mukherjee, arguing that utility computing is inevitable and market driven, and Alex Osadzinski of Trinity Ventures, arguing that the obstacles to utility computing are simply too great.
  • Beyond firewalls: Public utility computing for private networks

    Posted May 6, 2003 - 4:22 pm

    In this article, Sun introduces the concept of Virtual Enterprise Networks (VEN), aimed at alleviating the pain points of firewalls and VPNs and providing secure, reliable, high performance remote access to private networks.
  • It's a Tangled Grid Hype Weaves

    Posted May 6, 2003 - 3:49 pm

    Grid computing is at an awkward phase in its technological maturation - the hype phase. But once the hype dies down, will grid computing really make as significant a contribution to the future of information technology as some claim?
  • WLAN management considerations

    Posted April 23, 2003 - 12:30 am

    While WLANs have been billed as a "build and forget" solution, efficient wireless network management requires specialized techniques and skills. Read on to find out if the extra management burden your WLAN will require makes the outlay worthwhile.
  • PDAs make easy pickings for data thieves

    Posted April 23, 2003 - 12:22 am

    A recent PDA security survey came up with some sobering results. Very few users encrypt even the most important data on their PDAs - a situation exacerbated by the fact that most corporations do not have any formal PDA policy or guidelines on the importance of password protection and encryption. Find out how bad the situation is.
  • Seven tips for going wireless

    Posted April 22, 2003 - 11:22 pm

    There's a lot of wi-fi hype out there; this article offers a bit of a reality check. These seven tips will help you decide how - and if - you'll put wireless technology to work in your small business.
  • The wrong wireless approach will cause problems

    Posted April 22, 2003 - 11:12 pm

    With wireless gadgets proliferating, the pressure is on to equip your workforce with every buzzword-compliant device available. But according to this article, handing out wireless devices willy-nilly is the sure road to financial failure. Read on to find out how to assess your real needs.
  • WLAN management considerations

    Posted April 18, 2003 - 1:09 pm

    One of the great appeals of WLANs is their seeming simplicity: just a few access points to install instead of a maze of wires. But there are some WLAN management quirks waiting to snare the unwary, especially those still in the wired management mindset.
  • UPS all wrapped up in wireless

    Posted April 16, 2003 - 6:42 pm

    UPS has recently rolled out fancy new wireless gadgets for all its drivers and employees - which include Bluetooth and host of other wireless technologies, from infrared to CDMA. Does this type of all-in-one handheld represent the future of the industry? And how will Bluetooth stand up to one of its first wide tests in the field?
  • Mobile phone hacking expected to spread

    Posted April 14, 2003 - 2:30 pm

    A denial of service vulnerbility could allow pranksters to crash your mobile phone. The vulnerability is not critical. You simply must "reboot" the phone to resolve the issue. However analysts predict the flaw will renew interest in security vulnerabilities in increasingly complicated mobile phones.
  • What to include in a network usage policy

    Posted April 14, 2003 - 11:39 am

    Many companies believe that employee privacy ends where the company communications infrastructure begins. In turn, the courts are supporting this position. This reviews how to create a clear, comprehensive, communicated, and compelled network usage policy.
  • Employers exercise legal right to monitor e-mail

    Posted April 14, 2003 - 11:20 am

    A heightened awareness of the dangers in workplace computer use have spurred employers to take steps to reduce liabilities. Nearly 62% of organizations surveyed monitor employees' e-mail and Internet connections. Among employers who monitor, over 68% cite legal liability as the primary reason to keep an eye on employees' online activity.
  • USB drives make small work of large file transfers

    Posted April 2, 2003 - 10:30 pm

    Business users are getting more and more accustomed to casually sending enormous files over the network - but this can cause so much strain that you'll need an expensive upgrade in order to handle the strain. A more cost-effective solution might be to buy a pocket-sized USB hard drive or flash storage device that your users can swap from machine to machine in the office. That way your employees can still get the data they need from computer to computer, but won't be stressing your already overworked network with funny pictures or MP3s. (Free registration required.)
  • Wireless security - Some surprising conclusions

    Posted April 2, 2003 - 6:06 pm

    No topic in wireless attracts more attention than security. And that's really how it should be. An insecure wireless network isn't really a network at all. It's an open invitation for hackers and crackers and all other evils that inhabit the communications world.
  • Storage basics: Storage area networks

    Posted April 2, 2003 - 2:42 pm

    Many small businesses typically find that their most vital documents are distributed across dozens of hard drives in individual employees' workstations - and, worse, that multiple versions of these documents exist. Bring order to this chaos with a storage area network. This article outlines the basics.
  • IBM, VeriSign security services target SMBs

    Posted April 1, 2003 - 9:06 pm

    VeriSign, Inc. and IBM offer a set of security services designed to deliver access management and authentication technology to small and medium businesses. The new offering consists of two services: the VeriSign Access Management Service and the IBM-VeriSign Trusted e-Business Integration Solution.
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