Google launches a service for storing big data

Google finally opens up its speedy BigTable technology for third-party use

Uber stops operations in Kansas over new legislation

The state legislature overruled a veto on the legislation by the governor

Electronic lock maker clashes with security firm over software flaws

CyberLock said it wasn't given enough time before IOActive published a security advisory

Apple security program, MacKeeper, celebrates difficult birthday

Its new owners are pushing ahead while its previous one is close to a $2 million class-action settlement

Nvidia's shift away from mobile devices cuts modem unit

Nvidia is winding down Icera operations, and will be looking to sell the unit

Speedy servers with Intel's 18-core chips, DDR4 memory hit the market

Servers from Dell, HP and Lenovo come with four sockets and more, and are for databases and analytics


We test a 'bullet proof' laptop bag the only way you can: By shooting it

We put Force Training Institute's Multi-Threat Shield against a .44 Magnum and 12 gauge shotgun to see if it lives up to the marketing claims.

Court rules warrant not needed for cell phone location data

Florida police used 11,600 location records to track a suspect in a string of armed robberies.

Want to buy SAP software? There's an app (store) for that

New SAP store aims to simplify enterprise software purchases

Microsoft boasts that new tool will control Amazon’s cloud, too

Microsoft has launched a tool that initially is best for managing Microsoft public and private clouds but that before long will enable enterprises to control hybrid clouds based on Amazon Web Services and VMware clouds, too.

google play store app

Report: Google to add new developer features to Play Store, including A/B testing

The change would allow A/B testing, which means developers can sell different versions of apps in order to see which catches fire.

Microsoft SQL Server stretches into the cloud

SQL Server 2016 will feature full disk encryption, support for R, and the ability to extend a database into the cloud

Microsoft said to be considering a bid for Salesforce

Microsoft decided to evaluate an offer for Salesforce after a potential buyer approached the CRM vendor

Lawmakers want to protect the online freedom to Yelp

A new bill in Congress would prohibit companies from including non-disparagement clauses in customer contracts


Appboy - DEMO Traction on-stage presentation

Appboy's on-stage presentation at DEMO Traction on April 22, 2015.


Stanza -- Demo Traction on-stage presentation

Stanza's on-stage presentation at DEMO Traction 2015.


Expect Labs - DEMO Traction on-stage presentation

Expect Labs' on-stage demonstration at DEMO Traction on April 22, 2015.


Traction Session: Cloud - DEMO Traction

Michelle Zatlyn, Co-founder & Head of User Experience, CloudFlare, presents at DEMO Traction on April 22, 2015, in San Francisco.


NPTV - DEMO Traction on-stage presentation

NPTV's on-stage presentation at DEMO Traction on April 22, 2015.


Traction Finalists and winners - DEMO Traction

Announcement of the best Traction companies as voted by the judges and audience at DEMO Traction, in San Francisco on April 22, 2015.

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