Intel and Micron are going to kill the hard disk drive

Intel, Micron breakthrough will yield much greater SSD capacity.

Molecular flash memory could store massive data

Researchers focus on metal-oxide molecule clusters that can retain electrical charge and act as RAM.

Amazon Web Services vs. Microsoft Azure

AWS is the market-leader in the public cloud, but Azure is giving it a run for its money.

fire tv stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick versus Chromecast: Which is Best for You?

I've got my hands on the Amazon Fire TV Stick and put it through its paces against the Chromecast. Which is best for you? I've got specs and hands-on details.

barbie creates systemd linux

Barbie becomes a Debian developer and creates systemd

In today's open source roundup: Barbie enters the systemd fray. Plus: A Linux desktop based on Google's Material Design, and what's in Linux Mint 17.1?

Apple delivers another Yosemite beta as WiFi issues persist

It's not clear what this second beta of the OS is designed to fix.

Critical XSS flaws patched in WordPress and popular plug-in

The vulnerabilities could allow attackers to create administrator accounts and take control of websites.


Aereo files for bankruptcy after Supreme Court's killing blow

The Internet TV revolution will not be televised by Aereo.

Mobile device management illustration

Why it sometimes makes sense to go slow with mobile development

At Westinghouse, developers work slowly and steadily to avoid bugs in mobile apps used for testing the nuclear power plants that the company builds for electricity providers around the world.

An iPhone 6 being used to make an NFC payment via Apple Pay

Grocers, retailers gobble up Apple Pay in time for holidays

U.S. consumers have eschewed in-store mobile payments for years, but Apple Pay is making headway in that area just a month after the service launched Oct. 20.

NotCompable sets new standards for mobile botnet sophistication

New variant uses P2P, reminiscent of Conficker.


Contain yourself: The layman's guide to Docker

As Docker grows in popularity, a question burns: What is it, and why do you need to care about containers?

As Moore's Law approaches 50, Intel battling to keep up

Intel is facing more challenges to keep up with Moore's Law, which manifested in the 14-nanometer process

SAP talks up Hana but small companies slow to sign on

Small companies have some internal work to do before adopting the in-memory computing platform.

IBM offers 'devops' services to speed up enterprises' app development

Big Blue experts can help CIOs implement this new approach to rapid creation and release of software.

Data exchange talks lag, jeopardizing US firms' ability to operate in Europe

Ongoing issues relating to US national security and spying imperil 'safe harbor' personal data pact.

myaccount techeta pr 04

Comcast app lets customers track service techs in real time

The app, being tested in Boston, is expected to roll out next year.

NSA director: No changes in telephone record collection coming

With the failure of an NSA reform bill in Congress, the agency will continue to operate its US phone records program, Rogers says.

Citadel malware now targets password management applications

A new Citadel configuration steals the master keys for two password managers and a secure authentication program.

Black Friday: Microsoft slashing Surface, laptop, Xbox prices

Surface Pro 3, Dell and Acer laptops, Xbox bundles all marked down by Microsoft.

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