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Hotel group asks FCC for permission to block some outside Wi-Fi

Marriott and its allies say this capability is necessary to protect the security of their own networks

Study: E-readers, tablets can disrupt sleep

The blue-heavy light of electronic devices can throw off circadian rhythms

Google's prototype car ready, but it's more VW Beetle than Porsche

Sensor views are one reason for the self-driving vehicle's cute, rounded looks

African startups show signs of growth

VC investments jump espcially in larger markets

North Korean Internet connection hit by outages

Connectivity became unstable on Monday leading to websites being unavailable

DirecTV won't show 'The Interview,' others won't say

Sony says VOD providers are unwilling to carry the movie

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You have $200 to spend. Should you buy a Chromebook or a Windows laptop?

Prices of some Windows laptops have plummeted to $200, right in the inexpensive Chromebook range. At that price would you be better off buying a Windows machine or a Chromebook? I've got advice for you.

north korea linux redstar os looks like mac osx

North Korea Linux now resembles Apple's OS X for Macs

In today's open source roundup: North Korea Linux moves toward a Mac-like interface. Plus: Alternatives to the Pirate Bay for torrenting, and Firefox OS now available in 28 countries.

122214 cisco2014 1

Cisco’s greatest hits, 2014 edition

A busy 30th year for the networking kingpin.

Judge nixes HP's settlement of shareholder suit over Autonomy

HP's proposed settlement to shareholders could let the company of the hook for far too much, a judge ruled

Simpler M2M connectivity promised as Sierra Wireless buys Swedish company

Together they will manage machine-to-machine devices and connections from one user interface.

Cybercrime group steals millions from Russian banks, targets US and European retailers

The group compromised computer networks and ATMs operated by financial institutions, as well as point-of-sale terminals

Should Chief Marketing Officers be involved in security and privacy decisions?

In a report issued today by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the management consulting firm urged Chief Marketing Officers to get more involved in data protection.

byod frustration

BYOD was a tech roller coaster ride in 2014

From the beginning, the Bring Your Own Device movement has been a nightmare for CIOs. And recently many workers – once excited by the concept – are wondering if it’s worth it.

jets cloud cross

Hybrid cloud adoption set for a big boost in 2015

Spurred on by rising enterprise interest in the hybrid cloud, the overall cloud market is likely to see great growth in the coming year.

apple 2014 primary

Apple's 14 biggest news stories of 2014

A look back at a big year for Apple.

Oracle hopes to better target online advertising with Datalogix acquisition

Half the money spent on advertising is wasted -- the question is, which half? That's the age-old question in adland. Now Oracle is hoping to help its customers answer that question with the acquisition of Datalogix, which collects...

russian prices iphone

Apple reopens Russian online store after boosting iPhone 6 price by 35%

Ruble recovers somewhat from last week, but lowest-priced iPhone 6 now goes for the equivalent of $991 in Russia.

chrome proposal encryption

Google wants to turn browser signals of Web encryption upside down

Chrome security engineers have proposed that all websites that don't encrypt traffic be marked as insecure by browsers.

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