The Confessions of A White Hat Hacker

By Jude Thaddeus, ITworld |  News

It even has a GUI (not
exactly pretty, but hey - it's free).

Like Nmap, Sniffit is very easy to use and does exactly what it says it
does: It sniffs your network and shows you what sort of data is getting
passed around.

I'd recommend that you install a packet sniffer and have a look at what
sort of data you can see on your local network. Better still, get one
of your network engineers to install it for you. They probably know of
better, more professional sniffers and will be able to talk you through
some of the data that you see going past. It's an interesting look into
exactly what's going on within your network.

Firewalk, Swatch and Tripwire stumped me. I don't yet know what I'm
doing wrong, but I can't get these things installed. I may not get
around to it, though, because my long-awaited laptop has finally
arrived. Now, I can get back on course with all those projects that
have been on hold for the past couple of weeks.

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