Creating a Common Favorites Folder

By Jim Pile, ITworld |  How-to

A question from reader Chuck G.:

"I use a small LAN (10/100 BaseT) in my home office with three
computers all running Windows 2000 Professional. I use a fourth
computer, also running Windows 2000 Professional, as a print server
and for file storage. Can the print server have a common Favorites
folder? This would be a great help to me since we would all have
ready access to the same favorites."

Yes, you can place the Favorites folder on the server. Just run Windows
Explorer and copy the current Favorites folder to a drive on the
server. On the other two computers, run Windows Explorer and copy the
contents of their Favorites into the new Favorites folder.

Since this requires a registry edit, we must warn you, as usual, to be
careful. With this in mind, click Start, Run, type "regedit", and press
Enter. When RegEdit opens, navigate to
r Shell Folders. In the right pane, double-click Favorites and type in
the path to your new folder. As an example, you might type in
\\Myserver\D\favorites. Close RegEdit and then repeat this process on
the remaining computers.

The next time you run Internet Explorer, it should load the new
Favorites. To check your work, choose Favorites and make sure that all
links are present on all computers. This procedure will work with
Windows NT 4.0 as well as Windows 2000.

Note that you may notice a slight decrease in display speed using a
shared Favorites folder, compared to having the Favorites folder on the
local computer.

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