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By Jim Pile, ITworld |  How-to

Reader Tom D. offers a Windows 2000 desktop tip:

"I like to keep my Windows 2000 desktop clean and uncluttered,
which means using as few icons as possible on the desktop. Even
with only a few icons on my desktop, I wanted to space the icons
farther apart using the 'Line up Icons' command. I found that you
could change the spacing using the Display Properties dialog box.

To do this, right-click the desktop and choose Properties. When
the dialog box opens, click the Appearances tab. Click the arrow
at the right side of the 'Item' list box and select Icon Spacing
(Vertical). Use the spin box to increase the spacing and then
click OK to close the dialog box, saving your spacing selection.

I used a vertical spacing of 50 pixels and found that it was
adequate for what I wanted to do. However, you can set the
vertical spacing as high as you like."

Thanks for the tip, Tom.

Note that altering the spacing as described changes all icon spacing,
the vertical spacing of icons in folders will also increase. You can
set the vertical spacing from 0 to 150 pixels; of course, zero spacing
is not very usable since icons are placed on top of one another.

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