Adding Folders and Disabling AutoPlay

By Jim Pile, ITworld |  How-to

This week, I'll answer a couple of reader questions about Windows 2000.
First up is reader Steve M.:

"How can I add a folder to the existing Start menu folders? For
example, I'd like to add a folder called 'Extra' under
the 'Programs' folder."

Adding a folder to the Start menu is done much like adding a folder
anywhere else in Windows 2000. Click Start, right-click Programs, and
then select Open. When the Programs window opens, right-click inside
the window and choose New and Folder. Name your folder Extra and press
Enter. Now, close the Programs window and when you click Start and
Programs, you'll find Extra is now present and ready for you to add

Reader Del W. asks an AutoPlay question:

"How do you turn off AutoPlay for audio CDs? I would like to be
able to insert audio CDs without having them automatically start
playing, but I want AutoPlay to still work for other discs. Also,
I do not want to make any changes to the Registry as I don't feel
comfortable using RegEdit."

Try this solution. Double-click My Computer to open it and choose Tools
and Folder Options. When the Folder Options dialog box opens, click the
File Types tab. Now, type 'cd'. This should take you directly to CDA CD
Audio Track. If it doesn't, then it will be very close and you can then
click CDA to highlight it. Next, click Advanced to open the Edit File
Type dialog box. Now, select Open and then click Set Default. Click OK
and then, back in Folder Options, click Close.

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