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By Jim Pile, ITworld |  How-to

As several readers pointed out, AutoLogon defeats all your security
measures. Usually, only people with exclusive use of a computer (and
those who can lock their offices) are interested in using AutoLogon.
Also, people who use Windows 2000 or NT4 at home may enjoy using
AutoLogon. Note that Windows 2000 will automatically provide a form of
AutoLogon during install.

However, if you use AutoLogon, you should be aware of the security
problems it poses. Anyone can look in the Registry using RegEdit and
find your password.

Reader David S. sends the following AutoLogon tip:

"Don't forget to mention that AutoLogon can be overridden by
holding down the Shift key during the time that the normal logon
screen would be shown."

True. So if you want to logon as a different user, you can hold down
Shift as you restart. This will open the Logon dialog and you can enter
the user name and password.

Thanks for the tip, David.

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