WinTasks 4 Professional

By Jim Pile, ITworld |  How-to

WinTasks 4 Professional is just what you need to manage your system
resources. This $47.00 utility, designed for IT professionals and
software developers, includes detailed real-time CPU usage graphs,
system presets, and a built-in scripting language.

With WinTasks 4, you can perform a number of system maintenance tasks to
improve overall performance. You can remove unnecessary processes to
help free up memory and reduce the CPU load; you can locate undesirable
background processes, such as Trojans and viruses, and kill them; and
you can use the WinTasks4 log to help eliminate problems such as
resource leaks. In addition to these other nifty features, WinTasks 4
can change process Priority.

I was recently running an MPEG encoder to encode a rather long file.
This particular encoder offered no way to change its priority, so we
used to WinTasks 4 to increase the priority and thereby finished the
encoding job in record time. We have also decreased the priority of some
of our programs that appeared to take more than necessary.

Using the built-in scripting language, you can write your own scripts to
start or stop programs. For example, I generated a script to stop the
mail server when the client shut down. You can also create scripts to
prevent a process from running. Aside from being surprisingly powerful,
the scripts are amazingly easy to generate.

WinTasks 4 Professional offers more features and benefits than I could
possibly describe here. Go to the LIUtilities site
( and read all about it, and maybe even try
it out for yourself.

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