Windows XP Professional RC2

By Jim Pile, ITworld |  How-to

Reader Bob M. asks if there is a new XP version of Tweak UI. No, there
isn't. Rumors around Internet, for some reason, indicate a new Tweak UI
beta designed for Windows XP exists, but, in fact, you simply use the
latest Tweak UI from Microsoft. You'll find it at

Version 1.33 appears to work just fine with Windows XP. Keep in mind,
though, that Microsoft offers no guarantees on Tweak UI.

Several readers say that Windows XP's CD-RW routine doesn't appear to
work for them. I have also had some problems. Although I have been able
to write data to a RW disc, I have not been able to later erase that
disc. I am using RC2 Build 2526.

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