TaskList helps identify running processes

By Bryan Muehlberger, ITworld |  How-to

TaskList is a new utility included with Windows XP Professional that
enables you to view every process running on a Windows machine. By
default, TaskList allows you to view the processes that are running
locally, but if you use the '/s' option, you can specify a Windows 2000
Server/Workstation, Windows XP Professional machine or a Windows .NET
Server and view the processes running remotely across the network.
(TaskList will also be available in future versions of Windows .NET

Notable features of TaskList include its ability to format its output so
that it is easily imported into an application such as Excel. It can
also filter its output based on a specific set of criteria. These
features make it a useful utility in batch process that monitors
processes running on machines and for reporting capabilities. A sample
of the output is shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1 - TaskList Output

TaskList does not work with Windows NT 4.0. If you want to take
advantage of it in your enterprise, you must upgrade all of your servers
to Windows 2000 or higher, and all of your workstations to Windows
2000/XP or higher. NT 4.0 compatibility would have been nice since most
environments are not fully upgraded to Windows 2000 or higher, but
TaskList takes advantage of features of the operating system that were
not available natively until the release of Windows 2000.

Next week I will introduce another new utility that complements TaskList
by giving you the ability to kill any of the processes running on your

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